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In response to repeated requests for information regarding the legal case Bobby MacBryan Green v. Jodi Jones, Mary Lee Jondahl, Betty Ann Polaha, & Howell Sherrod, a link is being provided. The sworn facts can be found in the folder labeled "08_RECORD Chancery Court." Within that folder, "PLAINTIFF's Filings" include numerous lengthy sworn documents. In addition, the folders labeled with the words either 'BRIEF' or 'Application' offer detailed summaries. There may be far more pages than anyone cares to read, as this case went before the Chancery Court,  then the Court of Appeals, and the outcome was twice considered by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Here is the link:   Appellate Court Record 
(Choose the 'LIST' view for navigating through the voluminous Record.)

The final outcome of the case is that Tennessee courts are forever forbidden to intervene in the affairs of any club or "voluntary association" regardless of what has transpired. Dirty tricks, lies, and unethical plots are beyond the reach of Tennessee courts when club $$$$ is not involved. Some would argue that this is for the best overall, as it leaves individuals free to associate with whomever they please and free to ignore rules/truth whenever expedient. But insofar as rule-by-the-most-ruthless/devious is allowed/encouraged, Tennessee's hands-off stance is both lamentable and short-sighted.

Several states have adopted a very different stance, recognizing that civilization has progressed over the centuries. Tennessee could have become one of those states, but in this lawsuit Tennessee again firmly reinforced the position set in stone by English courts over 300 years ago, when voluntary associations were primarily 'gentleman's clubs' for those with titles like 'earl' and 'baron' and when slavery and oppression of women were still applauded.

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