05 September 2019

Tree Streets Yard Sale 2019

According to the formula*  for calculating such things, Saturday September 7th is the date for the biggest day of the annual tradition known as the Tree Streets Yard Sale. Traffic and parking always present a challenge; try to find a spot in the large parking lots just outside of the residential area.

For this special weekend, the City cheerfully waives the usual permit and fee requirements for residential yard sales Friday + Saturday + Sunday.  NO ONE is authorized to charge any fee or to demand any donation from sellers. Call 911 if hassled.

* The formula for calculating the date evolved from special requests from emergency medical services and other public protection groups. The Bristol Motor Speedway races and the Appalachian Fair usually coincide; adding the Tree Streets Yard Sale to that combination stretched resources too thin. Labor Day weekend is a challenge all on its own and adding the yard sale to that weekend also stretched resources too thin. So the Tree Streets Yard Sale now always occurs on the first weekend after the Bristol races and Appy Fair, unless that weekend is Labor Day weekend. The City's permit and fee waiver automatically covers the first wide-open, uncluttered, non-holiday weekend after the Fair/races.


  1. Could you please contact me. There is a certain individual who demand $20 from me EVERY year, including this one.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that demands continue. I cannot contact you because your comment is posted from "Unknown." In any case, JCPD will probably help you get all your money back if you provide them with enough details.